About us


For his entire life, Bobby Chaniago has created a strong bond and unwavering relationship with his love for making bracelets. In 2017, he decided to officially share this passion with the rest of the world.

BORCHLACE was originally founded in 2017 by this aspiring entrepreneur with the hopes to share his beautiful designs with others. Sydney, Australia quickly became the home base of this initial bracelet operation.

Little did he know that his business would soon allow him to travel to various markets all over Sydney. His successful business continues to grow as individuals connect with the truly immeasurable value of each handmade piece.


Exclusive Design Meets Handcrafted Perfection

The key to our collection lies within the handcrafted nature of every new piece. Sustainable elegance encompasses our brand and true dedication represents our story.

Our professional team is always hard at work creating only the best for our Borch and Co community. Sydney, Australia is where the heart of our limited collection takes root.

The atmosphere within our shop is like none other given the skilled hands that are joyfully working to make the next beautiful design. Every hand has a unique story. That is what gives our brand the ability to develop such exclusive creations that our community loves so dearly.

As a team, we see ourselves in each bracelet that is prepared. Only high-quality bracelets leave our shop and land in your hopeful hands. It is the hope you have for our success that drives our creative spirit.

Our bold Australian legacy continues to live on through the individuals who choose to wear value that lasts forever.


Find us on ETSY https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/BORCHLACE